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What is the most important issue facing us today?
Jobs and the Economy
Size and Scope of Government
National Defense

 Why I’m running for office

    Quite simply: I enjoy serving the great people of the 29th District. I have found that nothing quite compares to having someone come up and tell me that legislation that I sponsored, or helped usher through, has helped them immensely. I have heard this from groups as diverse as optometrists, community bankers, and parents with autistic children. It's heartening to know that I've helped so many, and I hope to continue to do so with your help.

    Another reason that I'm running is that I want to leave the world a better place for future generations. As a parent, I want my son to have the same opportunities and experiences that I had. Safe neighborhoods, great schools, and excellent career opportunities are all things that we want for this and subsequent generations. People of all political stripes want this and more for this state, country, and the world; it's just that we oftentimes disagree as to how to get there.

    There are a few things that I bring to the table that I think are important for the 29th District as well as Ohio. First and foremost is my ability to work well with others. Though I have a conservative background, I have found it very enlightening to sit down with those coming from a liberal background simply to hear their side of the story and how they've come about it. In many cases we have found common ground. Second, my background in science and mathematics has proven useful as a legislator, especially regarding the budget. The more that we can apply cost/benefit analyses to government policy the better.

    Regardless of what happens in this election or the next I'm optimistic for our future. Yes there are many problems in the world, but the world today by just about every objective measure is better than it was even 100 years ago. Human progress is not always a straight line, but the trend is certainly for the better.








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